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Children's Ministry


Our goal is to develop character, respect and integrity in our children The Unlimited Grace Prayer Ministry empowers, the Children’s Ministry by inculcating the fear of God in them, through Biblical-based and reality-conscious teaching.

Our mission is to introduce children to Jesus Christ in a manner that transform their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths.

Baby Dedication
Unlimited Grace Prayer Ministry offers a Baby Dedication Ceremony to our members with children ages 0-24 months. We believe that our Baby Dedication Ceremony is a parent’s public commitment made before God, family, friends and the congregation, of their choice to raise their child in the distinct awareness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as well as dedicate themselves to being Godly parents.

Children’s Water Baptism
We offer water baptism to our member’s children, ages 6 through 12. Baptism is the next step in their walk of faith. Every month we teach the reasons for and the benefits of water baptism, so to inform the children of a very important step in their pursuit of Christ. Children’s Baptisms are scheduled quarterly. The procedure for baptism is full submergence in water and is performed by qualified Elders. A parental consent form must be signed and submitted to Unlimited Grace Prayer Ministry prior to the ceremony.

Requirements for Children’s Ministry Volunteers
• Must be an active member of the Unlimited Grace Prayer Ministry
• Meet all requirements necessary to service children
• Be faithful and live a separate Christian life